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[DEV] First Topic [pic] on Forum Index v.0.0.6

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2011, 00:20
by Sekuro
First Topic [pic] on Forum Index

MOD-Title: First Topic [pic] on Forum Index
MOD-Version: 0.0.6
MOD-Author: 4seven

Request by: inikad

MOD-Description: This Mod shows the first [pic] in a Topic on Forum Index, no matter if it's an [img] or [attachment)

phpBB-Version: phpBB 3.0.x
phpBB-Languages: multilingual
phpBB-Styles: prosilver

username : test / pw: testuser

(45.92 KiB) Downloaded 1624 times



- Shows the first [img] or/and [attachment] from topics of chosen forums in forum-index
- per forum thumbing
- separate 'per forum thumbing' for [img]'s and [attachment]'s in 'mix' function-mode
- chequered display possibilities in 'mix' function-mode
- 'first come -first serve' mode for [img]'s and [attachment]'s in 'mix' function-mode
- Auto-thumbing of [img]'s of own or external site (in most cases > 95%)
- Auto-thumbing of [attachment]'s
- Thumbs storing on your server
- If you changed a 'first [img]' or 'first[attachment]' the thumb is auto-updated
- Link on thumbs to original [img]- or [attachment]-post
- "width" and "height" size-option (adjustable for each mode: "width", "heigt" or "mix")
- "mix" size-option squares the pic to exact fit (if not squared allready)
- dead-link-check
- perfect layout in every browser
- xhtml 1.0 strict valid / transitional (subsilver2)

Requirements: fopen()

Fixes and Features in v.0.0.3
- fix "cannot redeclare class simpleresize" error
- optimize code (also build in all previous fixes)
- reduce edits

Fixes and Features in v.0.0.4
- "mix" size-option squares the pic to exact fit (if not squared allready) ... request by fantastic ... #p12028595
- optimize performance of code
- reduce edits

Fixes and Features in v.0.0.5
- revised main code
- optimized thumbing code
- $display_priority mode is strict now
- bug reported by canedje is fixed
- no thumbing anymore of [img] smaller than $convert_max_size (no matter if smaller in width or height)
- optional thumb display in all search modes per request* ... #p12055295
- optional "no [img] pic" per request* ... #p12044345

Fixes and Features in v.0.0.5.a
improve performance of main files:
- first_x_in_forum_index.php
- first_x_in_forum_search.php
*fixing bug reported by michaelp74 > ... #p12458705
fixing bug reported by Worzel > ... 1426#p1426

Fixes and Features in v.0.0.6 dev-info

fix / optimize:
- increase performance of viewforum and search fundamental from ((number of topics in viewforum) querys) to 1 query in 'attachment'/'img' mode and 2 querys in 'mix' mode
- give up $display_priority for 'mix' mode. instead of this a simple 'attachment or img display' take place (even if one of them is present).
- optimized code for search-display (was not strict in results and style before)
- redesign and reducing of template-syntax
- redesign of php-code structure
- much more slender php-code
- less template-edits

new modes:
- control / remove background-colour of thumb boarder
- remove 'no [img] pic' display
- control the look and position of non affected topics (behavior of 'placeholder')

- No display of protected remote pics

- Delete-Orphaned Modul
- ACP ??
- ??

Re: [DEV] First Topic [pic] on Forum Index v.0.0.6

PostPosted: 26 Nov 2011, 17:45
by Sekuro


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Re: [DEV] First Topic [pic] on Forum Index v.0.0.6

PostPosted: 27 Sep 2014, 20:11
by Sekuro
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